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Monday, February 13, 2006

Wasted and Wounded

Pity poor Feemus. Like most of the American middle class, I have been working feverishly just to keep my head above water. No time to play no time to blog no time to cook no time to jog.

There is quite a bit of bad faith in complaining about how much I work. I know this. I pretend that I live modestly. I believe, in fact, that I live modestly. But the reality is that, like most of the American middle class, I am obscenely well-off by any world standard.

And for the most part, I don't mind working 70 hours a week to keep it that way. Bad faith and all. Beside, if I don't work that much, I'll get canned.

But what chaps my overworked hide is this: while I am carpal tunnelling my way to financial solvency, the Vice President is on ANOTHER holiday. I am less concerned with the fact that he shot someone and tried to cover it up--I expect nothing less from Dick--but where the hell does he get off taking a vacation? Doesn't he know that there is a freaking WAR going on? And that the economy is in the shitter? Shouldn't he be, you know, DOING HIS JOB??

On the other hand, we are probably all a lot safer with him NOT doing his job. Maybe we could get Rumsfeld to take a break, too.

Maybe we could get Rumsfeld to go hunting with Dick. Now THERE'S a thought.

what do you think? do Americans work too much? should the Bush administration work more? or less?